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About us

CBG Telecom was founded from a proven need for a medium sized telecommunications company that really could deliver savings and services usually reserved for the largest organisations.

Savings are derived from our purchasing power, buying at the best possible rates from BT wholesale and other national providers. CBG Telecom is a ‘Gold Star’ partner of with one of the UK's largest telecommunications companies. We therefore have the ability to offer rates and services not normally accessible to SME's and smaller concerns, combining this with professional services that are class leading.

CBG Telecom boasts over 75 years’ experience across the key business staff. We provide vendor agnostic, unbiased consultancy that is built on a solid foundation of experience, sound advice and passion for delivering savings.

We also support your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. By using CBG Telecom as your service provider, you will be supporting a wide range of charity organisations within the UK.





We use a host of solutions to cater for your business. Consult the list below to find the right one for your business:


We buy minutes and data services wholesale from all the major networks which means we can tailor our tariffs so they suit you and your business.

Services include:










Fixed Lines

CBG Telecom’s fixed line products make sure your business is connected to your customers with the immediate support and technical advice you need, backed up by an unparalleled service level agreement.

We work directly with BT making us uniquely positioned to provide the solutions for your business at market leading prices.

Services include:






Phone Systems

CBG Telecom will expertly navigate you through the decision making process for choosing a new telephone system. We pride ourselves on delivering a vendor agnostic, consultative recommendation process that is focused on what is right for your business.

Services include:


On Site






Wide area network (WAN)

CBG Telecom can ensure that you stay in front of your competition by keeping up with the latest Voice and Data products.

Services include:




Bounded DSL




3G/4G Connectivity




Ethernet - Point to Point




Local area network (LAN)

CBG Telecom can manage your local area network (LAN) install from concept to completion.

Services include:


Cat 5, 6, 7






Information technology

CBG Telecom have a long standing, established relationship with a next generation IT services provider; Dimension 5 Solutions. Dimension 5 has chosen to champion technology solutions that will revolutionise your business without risk, product bias or hidden agendas.

Services include:








Backup/ Disaster Recovery


Managed Services


Cost Reduction


Service Improvemement


Utilities Consultation

CBG Telecom have a close working relationship with Utilico Energy, a relationship that has saved our customers thousands on their utility costs.

Services include:


Business Electricity


Business Gas


Energy Efficiency Consultancy


Business Water






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What makes us different?

CBG Telecom Limited is affiliated with the Charities Buying Group (CBG). All profits generated by The Charities Buying Group affiliates are directed to a number of charities with varying, worthy causes.

By using CBG Telecom as your service provider, you will be supporting The Charities Buying Group and in turn a wide range of charity organisations within the UK. Simply, CBG Telecom are able to contribute an average of 30% of your on-going bills to CBG, helping those less fortunate. So, CBG Telecom are able to reduce your cost of ownership within the scope of the services that we offer whilst assisting our clients to achieve a corporate, social responsibility objective.



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